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Bankruptcy And Divorce

Unfortunately, financial problems are often the main cause of divorce. When you are stressed, with more bills than money and no money to enjoy, it is very difficult to give your spouse the love and attention he or she deserves. So divorce results.

If this describes your situation, know that we can help you, the legal professionals at Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC, in Huntsville.

Alabama Law Firm Focusing On Bankruptcy And Divorce

Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC, helps clients going through both bankruptcy and divorce together. Sara Doty and her experienced team of legal professionals provide these clients with compassionate, focused attention, passionately defending their legal rights.

Since divorce and bankruptcy cases are each tried in two different courts, each with their own set of rules and proceedings, it requires a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy and divorce attorney to ensure clients have the best possible outcome in their own circumstance.

Why Go Through Bankruptcy And Divorce At The Same Time?

Although each situation is unique, there are some reasons why Mrs. Doty would advise clients to go through both divorce and bankruptcy together.

For example, division of marital debt may be made more complicated if a client first goes through bankruptcy then divorce. Also, maintaining and then dividing assets like marital homes add further complications.

Each legal proceeding—divorce and bankruptcy—is complicated of itself. Add them together, and it just compounds the complexity. Yet it can be to a client’s advantage to do both simultaneously, with the help of an experienced bankruptcy and divorce lawyer.

Considering Both Bankruptcy And Divorce? Before You Take One Step, Call Us.

Before you take that first step, call us, Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC. We have the experience to provide the best advice, helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. To schedule your initial consultation, contact Mrs. Doty either online or by calling locally at 256-513-6814.

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