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Huntsville Family Law Attorney

Sometimes the closer the relationship, the deeper the hurt. That is certainly true of divorce in Alabama, whether civilian or military.

If you are in a marriage and hurting so deeply you’re considering divorce, the first thing you should do is to talk with Huntsville family law attorney Sara Doty.

Divorce Attorney Serving Huntsville, Decatur And Surrounding Communities

Mrs. Doty is an experienced family law lawyer who takes a personal interest in each case. It is this focused attention that brings big results for her clients, helping them achieve the best possible outcome of their cases.

Some of the family law issues Mrs. Doty handles include:

When Mrs. Doty serves as your lawyer, not only will you get your immediate problem resolved, but it will be done with your future in mind, making sure there are no negative effects down the road.

Alabama Parents And Their Child’s College Costs

In these tough economic times, Alabama law has recently changed regarding who should pay a child’s college costs when parents are divorced.

This is especially important if you have an older Alabama divorce decree. If you have one that requires you to pay college costs, Mrs. Doty can have that agreement modified.

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