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Domestic Violence Attorney

Violence among family members is devastating, especially to young children. Not only are they small and defenseless against the violence from an adult, but also they grow up thinking that domestic abuse is acceptable.


If you are living with domestic or child abuse in Alabama, you need help immediately. You should:

  1. Call the police by dialing 911 or an abuse counselor by calling an abuse hotline. These people can physically protect you.
  2. Call Huntsville domestic violence lawyer Sara Doty . She can legally protect you.

Get A “Protection From Abuse” Order

When you contact Mrs. Doty, one step she will most likely take is to legally protect you from the abuse. In Alabama it is called a “protection from abuse” (PFA) order. This is a document filed in the court that immediately protects you once it is filed.


However, it is good for only two weeks. During that period, the court will set a hearing date. Mrs. Doty and her legal staff at Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC, will promptly and personally help you with everything.

Domestic Abuse Affects Child Custody

In divorce cases, established evidence of domestic abuse—either spousal or child—affects child custody arrangements. The court will take this evidence into serious consideration, so filing a PFA is not to be done lightly, but only with the experienced guidance of domestic violence attorney Sara Doty.


Some of the domestic violence issues Mrs. Doty has helped clients with include:

  • Filing protection from abuse orders
  • Defending from protection from abuse orders
  • Psychological evaluations in divorce
  • Parental alienation
  • Child neglect
  • Supervised visitation

Suffering Domestic Abuse? Call Us.

If you are suffering domestic abuse, first get to a place of safety. Then call the legal professionals at Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC. We have the experience to help legally protect both you and your children. We serve clients in Birmingham, Huntsville, Decatur and surrounding communities. For your initial consultation, contact us either online or by calling locally at 256-519-9970.