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Building a financially stable life isn't an easy task. In fact, it's something that many of us work at for the majority of our lives – throughout marriages, divorces, starting families, and even career changes. It is important to understand that as your life and your possessions change, so does your need to invest in estate planning. This might not seem like a vital service in which to invest, but keep in mind that even if you own very little your loved ones will be responsible for sifting through it all should you pass. This can add a layer of confusion and frustration on top of an already very emotional time, not to mention the fact that there is no guarantee that your belongings will be distributed as you would like should you pass away without some sort of estate plan in place.

Sara Doty, Attorney at Law, LLC, is an attorney second to none when it comes to knowledge and passion. When you make the decision to look into estate planning, reach out to Sara Doty and ask for more information. Serving residents in the Huntsville area, she treats every client with compassion and understanding and always works hard to help ensure they receive the best outcome possible.


Estate planning can be a difficult subject to get through. Planning for your death is an uncomfortable topic, and because of this it is all-too-easy to push the thought aside. The fact of the matter, however, is that estate planning plays a vital part in ensuring your property – as well as your assets and bills – are properly dispersed and can help lift a burden off of your loved one's shoulders.

An estate plan can be put into place to help with everything from distributing property to specifying how you would like minor children to be taken care of. It is a process that goes far beyond a will, and is particularly useful in situations where children are involved, the estate is large or contains assets that are split between different locations, a business is involved, and special circumstances like blended families or families dealing with disabilities are involved. If any of the above describes your estate, then you should consider looking into estate planning consultation rather than simply completing a will. The estate plan can help better control how your estate is dispersed, how its beneficiaries are taxed, and even how any retirement plans are paid out.


Another reason that many people forego creating an estate plan is the perceived difficulty of the task. You don't need to worry about that, however, because Sara Doty makes the process as simple and easy as possible. That means that you won't be taking on added stress by making the decision to create an estate plan because your attorney will handle the complex parts of the process.

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