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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have a steady income and you are getting behind in your bills, then filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be in your best interest.


In a Chapter 13, the bankruptcy court does not eliminate your debt but gives you a debt reduction. Then the court will put you on a debt repayment plan, giving you between three to five years to pay your restructured debt. If, by the end of that time, you haven’t completed payment, then the remainder of the debt is discharged.


The decision to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not something you do by yourself. It requires receiving legal advice from experienced Huntsville Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Sara Doty.

Experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney To Help You

Serving Alabama clients through her firm, Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC, Mrs. Doty and her experienced legal staff give each Chapter 13 bankruptcy client personal, professional and individual attention, each step of the way. It is her compassion for her clients and her passion to fight for their rights that enable Mrs. Doty to obtain the best possible outcome from them in their situation.

Do You Think Chapter 13 Might Be Right For You? To Be Sure, Ask Us.

To make sure that your bankruptcy case has the best possible outcome and that you are well-positioned for your new financial future, call us, Sara Doty Attorney at Law, LLC. We will carefully examine your situation and, if a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right choice for you, we will walk with you every step of the way. To schedule your initial consultation, contact Mrs. Doty either online or by calling locally at 256-519-9970.


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