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Step Parent Adoption

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We Can Help Guide You Through the Step-Parent Adoption Process

Sometimes, helping build a new family involves more than providing life’s necessities and a home for you and your step-children. We can guide step-parents through the process of adoption.

As a step-parent your rights to the children you have been raising are limited if something unexpected and tragic should happen to your spouse. You may be the only mom or dad that they have known. Yet, if your spouse was to pass away, an absent parent could take immediate custody, leaving you with a difficult and emotional battle at the worst possible time. An adoption in these cases is like life insurance for your child, taking the step out of step-parent.

Step-parent adoptions in Alabama are generally far easier to complete than other forms of adoption. However, there will still be several issues to consider and obstacles to overcome. All step-parents will have questions at the start of the adoption experience.

Let us help you begin your adoption journey. Call (256) 519-9970 or message us to schedule an appointment. We will provide you with an in-depth explanation as to the step-parent adoption process and start by filing your petition to adopt.